Youtube the Modification of Advertisements Under Study

After cracking down on comments on most videos with minors to combat online child abuse behavior. Bloomberg announced that youtube is looking to continue its prevention.  Your digital agency reveals the details of the project currently planned by youtube.  The UAE Phone Number List biggest consequence would be the loss of advertisers for youtube. Already that youtube kids is much less interesting for these advertisers because there is no data collection. The removal of ads on this content for children will not help matters.

More Controlled Advertising Content for Children

On the one hand, this new feature of Gmail can be UAE Phone Number List very useful and beneficial in several cases. First of all, the characteristics of this device mean that you will be faster in writing your emails, without having to worry about proofreading. This can be useful for a user who has to write a lot of emails, but also if you don’t write in your native language. Smart Compose is precise and will help you be more serene. On the other hand, there are apprehensions regarding this intuitive input. That the UAE Phone Number List system has not been deployed long enough to be able to draw conclusions on the subject. But research and surveys on the use of artificial intelligence have already shown that it is not very beneficial in terms of writing skills.

This Leaves Us Even More Perplexed by the Situation

In its defense, youtube can mention the creation of its youtube kids application, launched in 2015. The videos on this application are suitable for children and there is no data collection. But unfortunately, the UAE Phone Number List content for children has not been moved to this application in full. So it remains on the main version of youtube. So, the objective for google is to limit as much as possible.  Contextual ads (related to the theme of the video) would be the only advertising allowed.

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