You Won’t See Your Updates Magically Spread

To an even larger audience when you don’t have an audience to speak to in the first place. Each and every social network needs a critical mass of followers. IF you hit that, your account will grow as promised just by posting great informative and helpful updates and engaging with your audience. It will spread through your audience, who will share your updates. But only if you reach that magical threshold of followers or fans. And this threshold is not a fixed number, it varies from network to network and niche to niche. It can be small in a small niche, and it can be relatively large if you’re competing with a bunch of big accounts.

It depends on how connected your audience is to you and how strong your brand is.   Depends on the skill of the social media manager managing your accounts and how much of your own content you have. To be honest, one of the most important questions, when using social media as a marketing channel, is: how are you going to attract the first (target) followers? And I’m not talking about inviting your best friends and siblings to like your page. If you do not have an answer to this question, your social networks are doomed to fail. You will live the same experience that so many others do on social networks.

You Will Invest Time And Effort

In creating content, in being active. You will share the best content of your niche. And still: Your accounts will continue to speak to you, your best friend and your colleague. Here are 9 ways to attract your first fans or followers. 1) Advertising On many social networks, you can use different Cyprus whatsapp number list advertising options to display your account or page to a targeted audience. But don’t be fooled, what sounds so easy can be a very costly failure: as with everything in social media, you need to know what you’re doing. Even paying money for your followers doesn’t come with a magic red button.

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The risk of advertising is wasting money on attracting an untargeted audience, or presenting your ad to an untargeted audience that won’t convert into an audience in the first place. Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Advertising your new social account is completely legitimate if you have the money to do so. Still, even if you have the advertising budget to build your initial audience, you should also consider using some of the other methods to grow your accounts fast and targeted.

Follow Other People Accounts

This method does not work on all networks. For example, you cannot get followers for a Facebook fan page by following Facebook users. You’ll be following that person like a Page, and the person most likely won’t even be aware of what you (or your Page) are doing. However, on other networks like Twitter or Pinterest, this can help grow your account and millions of users have done it. Just be aware that aggressively following people is considered spam on most networks and success is only achieved if you have the right targeting. For Twitter, there are several tools to help you follow and unfollow to prevent any spammy behavior. 3) Add your social accounts to your blog or website.

This method works IF your blog or website already has traffic. Most of the time it is the other way around; You use social networks to generate traffic for your blog or website. However, if you have visitors to your blog who aren’t already social media followers, it’s helpful to offer a follow button or at least display your top social accounts on your blog or website. 4) Mention your social accounts in your email newsletter If you already have an email list, it makes a lot of sense to tell them about your social accounts. Especially if you already have a list of people you regularly send updates and information to through the newsletter, simply mention your new social accounts and ask them to connect there.

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