Who is the influencer let’s do some clarity

What is meant by influencer marketing influencer marketing includes markeating. Strategies in which some people, influencers in fact, are able to influence the choices of the public through their opinions . Having grown exponentially in recent years, above all thanks to the increasing incisiveness of. Social networks, this marketing strategy is based on the contents of the influencers who, taking advantage of their authority, act as real testimonials of the brands. Their action, however, must. Never be aimed at any forcing , but on free interactions and advice to those who listen to them.


Top influencers and micro influencers

Otherwise the effect can become fake with bad results. An influencer is philippines photo editor not only the famous person on instagram with thousands of followers, but he can also be a simple person who has a group that listens to him and trusts him. Influencer marketing influencer figure it can be an instagrammer, a youtuber, a blogger or a user who manages a facebook page properly, but in any case the influencer is a person followed by people who trust his opinions and advice . The methods of action include the sharing of videos, photos and various kinds of content, whose role is precisely to influence those who follow them not only for notoriety, but also for reliability and credibility. An influencer can therefore be defined as a popular individual on social media who, by expressing his opinion, is able to influence the opinions of his followers.

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Which type of influencer to rely

Notoriety depends not only on the number of people who JPB Directory follow it, but also on the views, interactions, shares and comments. The figure of the influencer acquires value based on various factors content quality acquired skills credibility transparency and reliability. Independence of judgment. Independence is perhaps the main added value on which the popularity of an. Influencer is based, who must never appear to be a person paid by the company to. Sponsor certain products of which he is not convinced.

On the contrary, the influencer must be free to express judgments, even negative ones , which. Reflect his personal convictions, matured in absolute autonomy only in this way can it be credible and therefore incisive. It must be borne in mind that influencers are not only characters born on. The web, but can also have another extraction, such as journalists. Or advertisers who, taking advantage of their experiences, are able to play this role in a very profitable way.

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