When Operators Enter Cyprus Phone Number?

When operators enter the cdn field, they either rely. On their own research and development or rely on traditional equipment manufacturers or cooperate Cyprus Phone Number with professional cdn companies to solve problems. Liu hongtao, vice president of wangsu technology, analyzed that compared with operators. Professional cdn companies are more mature in technology. And operational experience. As a very important Cyprus Phone Number element of CDN service is platform operation. Which emphasizes the real-time optimization of the network, for equipment manufacturers such as huawei and zte. Cdn companies also have an advantage in this regard. In the future, operators will cooperate with professional cdn companies. On the backbone network, and there will be more demand for cdns.”

There Will Be More Cyprus Phone Number

Space among them. In addition, operators only Cyprus Phone Number do things. Within their own networks. While wangsu provides services across operators and is the biggest beneficiary of the market. When the 4g license was promoted last year. The share price of wangsu plummeted. Apart from competitors, another question Cyprus Phone Number that has been questioned is. In the era of 4g and 5g, will there be alternative technologies for cdn? The network has become wider. Do you still need a cdn? Liu hongtao, vice president of wangsu technology, replied. In fact, the promotion of 4g is very beneficial to cdn technology. After the mobile phone bandwidth increases, there is no need to accelerate it. Which is a misunderstanding.

For 4G Bandwidth, Cyprus Phone Number

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The widest part is the part from Cyprus Phone Number the mobile phone. Terminal to the base station or gateway, and the middle. The transmission link has not widened due to the arrival of 4g. It is impossible to quickly upgrade the already Cyprus Phone Number deployed optical fiber.” it can be seen that the upcoming 4g and 5g eras are like an hourglass. The intermediate transmission link will become slower due to capacity expansion, so the network transmission pressure will increase. And the demand for cdn will inevitably increase. Liu hongtao said: “after the arrival of 4g, we will see the explosive growth. Of operator terminal traffic, which will have a greater impact.

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