Whatsapp Will Advertising Arrive This Year Deployment

Recently, we told you about the deployment of WhatsApp Business in France, on iOS. Available since last year on Android in France, WhatsApp arouses our curiosity. Acquired in 2014 by facebook, it is no surprise that whatsapp will monetize. Its platform by tunisia phone number list offering advertising formats to professionals. Here, it is clearly specified that. It is a question of rendering certain paid services to tunisia phone number list professionals only, and not to users. Indeed, the messaging platform has been the subject of rumors and hoaxes for several years claiming. That the whatsapp application will become paid for by users. Of course, that’s not on the agenda at all.

Whatsapp Business Will the Social Network Deviate

What is, however, is the monetization of the platform for professionals. WhatsApp Business: will the social network deviate from its rule? Launched for the first time in 2009, WhatsApp had always promised to keep its platform accessible to all by keeping it free! Brian Acton, one of the founders of WhatsApp, which he left in 2017, even said last September:“ Targeted advertising makes me unhappy. You don’t improve anyone’s life by making ads more effective.  Forbes Since the takeover by Facebook, WhatsApp seems to deviate from the rule. The Tunisia Phone number arrival of advertisements Soon, it is not impossible that you will find yourself facing an advertisement on WhatsApp. Indeed, the company aims to integrate advertising into its platform.

The Advertisements Will Therefore Be Present in What Will Look

What purpose? Adding advertising to its network would allow. Facebook to generate some income from whatsapp and thus remain profitable for years to come. Indeed, facebook seems to have tired of offering free content to. Its users who do not bring it the necessary resources. For the moment, facebook has not yet decided on the arrival of advertising on whatsapp. But the vice-president of whatsapp, chris daniels, provided some Tunisia Phone Number List information on this subject last october. “we will place announcements in “statutes”. This will be the main mode of monetization for the company. As well as an opportunity for businesses to reach whatsapp users. »the economic times the advertisements will therefore be present in what will look like stories on whatsapp.

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