Whatsapp and Instagram Change Names Currently in Turmoil

Currently in turmoil with the other big names such as apple. Google or amazon because they are deemed too strong for the competition. Facebook has confirmed that it wants to change the names of its whatsapp and instagram applications. The american giant announced the news that had been revealed in recent days by the american daily. The information. Your smo agency tells you the story. While it is one of four digital giants to be inspected by us authorities. Facebook revealed that the whatsapp and instagram applications, acquired respectively in 2014 and 2012. Would bear new names and become “Whatsapp by facebook” and ” instagram by facebook”. A decision that challenged employees internally. These name changes will only be visible on google play and the app store at this time.

An Announcement With a Very Strange Timing

At first glance, we can think of a communication stunt. In order to clearly show that these two applications are indeed the property of facebook. Until today, marc zuckerberg let whatsapp and instagram manage each other independently. It is therefore a major change that raises questions because. The two applications had been able to stay out of the India WhatsApp Number List scandals affecting. The company of marc zuckerberg in 2018 for example. Candidates vying for the 2020 us presidential elections are rushing to break up apple. Google, amazon, and facebook, and want tighter control over future takeovers of the digital giants. Facebook is just now being scrutinized by antitrust regulators over. The acquisitions of instagram and whatsapp.

Marc Zuckerberg Defends Himself Against These Accusations by Proclaiming

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One can be skeptical about the timing of facebook’s decision to rename its two apps. But a few months ago, the dublin-based giant aimed to link instagram and whatsapp to facebook messenger by 2020 at the earliest. Use whatsapp encryption; a decision that could work in favor of facebook in order to defend itself on. Its real intentions following the recent accusations against them. If you would like help with your social media management. Do not hesitate to your smo agency to receive expert advice.

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