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What we have seen is that no one can shy away from the new economic. Creativity brought about by the community economy, whether it is smes and entrepreneurs, or business godfathers. Like liu chuanzhi, ren zhengfei, and zhang ruimin who can be Slovenia Phone Number written into textbooks. The past was to materialize the crowd, and the community economy. Is the return of humanism our current society is a society in the era of industrialization, and it is a city. In the event that, under the thinking of industrialization. Industrialization has Slovenia Phone Number swallowed up the organizational mode. Emotional model, and survival model of our society. While we are crazy to promote the automobile industry and encourage people to buy cars. It has caused terrible congestion in the city.

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Making a great leap forward in food industrialization. Food safety has been in a semi-out of control state. We have the money to travel, but it has caused overuse of tourism. Resources and spring festival-style crowding. The history of human civilization is a history of tool evolution. When we become more and more developed, suddenly one day. We don’t know where Slovenia Phone Number our time has gone, our health doesn’t know where, our family doesn’t know where it goes. Now, the linear demand-supply model of the human past has come to an urgent need to change, and human beings need to break through. The contradiction between Slovenia Phone Number the upper limit of self-reality and the linear industrial age. Even our humanities such as psychology, history, linguistics, etc.

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Production through more materialized Slovenia Phone Number structuralism. When i was studying western psychology, i was constantly using materialized tools and engineering thinking to when i deconstruct myself, i find myself constantly being objectified. At the same time, we see the trend of quasi-materialization brought about by the original design. Our mobile phone design elements are increasingly pursuing the return to the Slovenia Phone Number original nature of the real world. Jumping into the social network, we see that the past looks like hard advertisements on the high-end are hardly used anymore. In the event that, prefers conversational emotional marketing. All of this is the return of the humanism of the internet. The community economy is the best carrier for the return of humanism.

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