What Is the Zero Moment of Purchase

The Zero Moment Of Truth or ZMOT is the Zero Moment of purchase. Before explaining what ZMOT is, we need to do a bit of marketing history. In 1995, Procter and Gamble defined two key concepts to understand the consumer buying process: The First Moment of Truth (FMOT) occurs when the consumer comes across the product (usually in an offline environment) and decides to buy. Of course, success at this time is key, since it means getting a new client. The Second Moment of Truth (SMOT) occurs when the consumer starts using the product. If all goes well, your expectations will be confirmed and this will lead to a long-term relationship. In other words, at this time we are talking about customer loyalty, which is also essential to achieve long-term goals.

Which zero moments make sense for your brand. A good starting point is to investigate the online habits of your audience (if you haven’t already done so): what networks do they use? What needs do they respond to? How do you research before Albania Phone Number purchasing a product? To get ideas, try using the AdWords keyword tool. Enter various terms related to your brand and products and look at the suggestions to see what exactly your users are looking for. Surely you will find ideas that you did not expect. 2) Respond to what your users are looking for To position yourself at zero moments, you need to be there when users need you. And for that, you will have to learn to think like them.

Customers Are Better Informed

And have more power every day, and the sale begins from the moment a person accesses the web to consult the characteristics of the product or service that he wishes to buy. zero-moment-of-purchase Index of contents What the zero moment of truth means for your brand. Zero moment is in your hands 1) Find your “zero moments” 2) Respond to what your users are looking for. Create occasions for the encounter 4) Monitor the results What the zero moment of truth means for your brand The Zero Moment of Truth involves rethinking the entire way we understand shopping. Before, the path of the consumer followed a more or less linear journey, always passing through the point of sale. Now the key decision can come at any time before the purchase.

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That can help you better visualize this “moment of truth”: A woman who looks at a catalog of children’s clothing with her mobile while she goes to pick up her son from school. The manager of a company that uses Google to compare prices of printers and cartridges before ordering from the supplier. A student in a coffee shop using his laptop to search for user reviews of hostels in the city he wants to visit. A climbing fanatic who takes out his mobile to see opinions on different types of ropes before entering the store to buy. To make this concept work for your brand, therefore, you will have to start by researching the online research habits of your users and establish what are the key moments in which they decide to buy.

Here Are Some Scenarios

Since it is no longer a clearly linear process, you will most likely need a multi-channel online marketing strategy that allows you to harness the full power of moment zero of purchase. Zero moment is in your hands No matter the size of your brand or what sector it is dedicated to, everyone can take advantage of ZMOT. But for this you will need a solid and well-planned strategy. These steps will help you achieve it. zero-moment-of-purchase1) Find your “zero moments” As you have seen in the scenarios of the previous section, the zero moment of the purchase can have very different aspects.

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