What Is Storytelling and Clients?

Social Networks are an excellent tool to connect with your customers, but how do you stand out from the crowd? Through storytelling . This is the opportunity to make a difference, allowing you to create valuable relationships with your audience. A few days ago, a journalist specializing in economics asked us if content marketing also applied to her industry. Without a doubt, our consumption of news has changed, and brands have had to quickly adapt to it. The way in which information now gains our attention has a lot to do with storytelling, and it is just one of the examples of success in this constant digital transformation. Index of contents What is storytelling?

Keys to successful storytelling You may also be interested in the bases to create a content strategy. What is storytelling? Image result for cave paintings Storytelling is the art of telling a story; the creation and use of a magical atmosphere through the story. In Ukraine Phone Number marketing it is a technique that connects with your users through the message you are transmitting. This can be out loud, in writing, or through a story with its character and plot. The art of storytelling dates back to the beginning of humanity. Experiences and learning (and even survival) depended on how stories were passed down from generation to generation. Appealing to the imagination creates an atmosphere of empathy, and that connection is what generates emotions that last over time.

That Is Why Telling Stories

Been the best resource to remain in the memory of an audience. Thousands of years later, we continue to evoke emotions, images and memories through stories, and brands are no exception. Creating valuable content that lasts in the minds of your users is one of the keys to making a difference. Speaking of Social Networks, it is thought that speaking only of the attributes of a brand gains ground to attract prospects. We forget that we have seconds to prevent your audience from continuing to scroll their screens. what-is-storytelling Have you noticed what makes you stop at an image or video when you spend time online? When you share with your friends what you liked most about a commercial, what motivates you to invite them so they can see it too? Surely, it has to do with the story that the brand has told you.

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The objective we seek with storytelling is to generate a relationship beyond the mere transmission of a message. Thus, we will ensure that our brand is linked in the mind of the consumer through emotions and imagination. Keys to a successful storytelling Designing a Storytelling is not the same as writing a simple story. Whether we use video, blog or another format, when creating it we must take into account certain important keys: Establish a starting point, in which it is clear what you want to tell and why. Select the style and tone with which we are going to address our audience.

Choose the Structure of the Text

The normal thing is to use a synthesizing structure, that is: introduction, development and outcome. The function of the story is to attract users , keep their attention and retain them with our valuable content. This way it will stay in your memory for as long as possible. This type of story is linked to a target , which will make them feel connected to our brand. A good storytelling -type story makes the receiver participate in its meaning , getting involved with it. Once the recipient is involved, they establish a bond . To do this, we will use the archetypes with which they can feel identified. The story should be simple and easy to understand , in order to reach the largest number of users.

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