What Is It and Why Include It in Your Strategy

In this blog we will explain why evergreen content should be present on your website, as well as its benefits. We share useful and easy-to-develop examples to keep you at the forefront on this topic. In digital marketing, content is said to be evergreen when the passage of time does not affect it. These are texts that do not have an “expiry date” and whose content has the ability to remain in time, always suitable to be consumed and read.

That is, it does not matter if someone reads it today or in 6 months, the information will remain current and updated as if it were the first day it was published. evergreen-content Index of contents Benefits of Evergreen Content for Your Website: What IS Norway Phone Number evergreen content Evergreen Content Examples Updates favor SEO positioning Conclution: Benefits of Evergreen Content for Your Website: On the Internet, where information is consumed in seconds and where what is big news today is no longer a trend tomorrow, the “user attention” factor is increasingly valuable to Google. For this reason, the most valued contents are those that remain over time without becoming obsolete.

Evergreen Content Can Generate

Visits continuously over time , not just at a specific moment, thereby increasing both traffic and web positioning. It generates value today as well as a year from now, so it continues to generate entries for your blog, new leads and potentially new customers. Having this type of content is key, since in the long term they show authority in the matter of the product you offer. If the content of your website adapts perfectly to any moment, it constitutes an added value in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) . What IS NOT evergreen content A piece of news about the latest Whatsapp updates: it is only interesting a few days after being publish. After a few months, WhatsApp has updates again and the first news is completely obsolete. Statistics or numerical reports that can change depending on the dates.

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Articles focused on fashion trends , clothing, gadgets, etc. of a specific year. News or opinions about a political or financial moment such as: the elections, where the keywords will lose their expiration date in a few weeks. Evergreen Content Examples Answers to FAQ or frequently asked questions. Video tutorials. Lists of the “Top 10” type of concepts related to your brand that do not change over time. How-To-Do Guides. infographics Definitions of terms. Interviews with interesting points of view. Articles of authority or influencers . Better practices. Best videos/books related to your market. Brand Philosophy. Evolution of the branding of your products.

Social Responsibility for Long-Term Projects

Last week, to be precise on Wednesday the 17th, we celebrated International Emoji Day. Emojis have become an indispensable element in the way we communicate with our friends and family. But not only do they work to express ourselves better with people, but for companies. It has also become a key element, or so it should be, in the social media strategy. If you still think that this element only works for informal conversations between friends, check out the following article and find out why you should include them in your social media strategy. Index of contents Emojis, More than a Complement for Communication Why Include Emojis in Your Brand Strateg.

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