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In the world of digital marketing, having a blog is a strategy that many brands and companies seek to establish. Hearing about bloggers, the blogosphere and other related concepts is becoming more and more common. Surely you have heard success stories of companies that were born even as a result of the growth of a blog. But what is actually a blog? What can it serve you for in your digital strategy? On this occasion we will seek to clarify doubts, through essential questions to identify the influence it can have on the success of your brand and consider it in your Inbound marketing strategy.

Index of contents How did the concept of the Blog on the Internet arise. What is a brand or business blog? What is the difference between personal and business blog? Why have a Blog in my Company? Considerations for your brand blog The Google factor: Conclution: How did the concept of the Blog on the Internet arise? In 1997, Jorn Barger Paraguay Phone Number used the term web log or weblog (plural weblogs) for the first time to describe the act of “annotating/registering the web” (logging the web) . And in 1999 Peter Merholz separates the word in “we blog” , which means that from then on it ends up being abbreviated in blog, as we know it now. Blog What is a blog? The word blog comes from the abbreviation of weblog, which in Spanish translates as “web registration” .

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Of the blog is that of a log or digital diary where content is “registered” chronologically. The concepts that you will hear most frequently around the blogging world are: Blogging: which in Spanish would be “bloguear” , it is used in different ways to refer, for example, to the fact of editing/writing/managing a blog. Blogger: which in Spanish would be “bloguero” or “bloguera” , refers to the person who writes, has or is dedicated to the world of blogs. Blogosphere: which generally refers to the set of all blogs or bloggers. Vlog: Short for video blog.

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For example, the content that is shared on platforms such as YouTube. What is a brand or business blog? A business or business blog is a marketing technique that seeks, through the creation of relevant content, to generate greater online visibility for your brand. That is to say: that when people investigate on the Internet about something related to your product or service, your brand appears in search engines, social networks, etc. What is the difference between personal and business blog? Many people in the world have personal blogs in which they write as a hobby or because they seek to receive a long-term income through advertising space. Instead, a business blog is a digital marketing channel, much like social media or email marketing .

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The growth of your brand. How? Attracting traffic to your website and looking to create leads or conversions (prospects). blog-2019. Why have a Blog in my Company? A brand that generates content has 67% more leads per month the arrival of users to a website after an Internet search. Than those that do not. It is important that you share the type of content that represents add value. On your website based on your goals and the profile of your buyer person. One of the most important factors of your business is get your website by search engines. For the purposes of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A blog is a website on which content is published from time to time in the form of articles.

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