What Is Blockchain and Why Almost

To talk about Blockchain we want to start with two specific examples in order to materialize the concept in a better way. The starting point, like almost all the ideas that revolutionize the way we behave as a society, is… the Internet. Index of contents Three practical examples of Blockchain What is Blockchain? Blockchain Challenges Three practical examples of Blockchain The refugee crisis In 2017, the United Nations Environment Program (UNWFP) sent. Over 10,000 cryptocurrency vouchers to thousands of Syrian refugees . Some vouchers that could be exchang in the markets participating in the project.

All of this was made possible by a startup launched by Ethereum ‘s own developer and co-founder , Gavin Woods. The Blockchain can mean the opportunity to bypass bureaucracy and international uncertainty. Thanks to Ethereum technology, it Denmark Phone Number refugees direct access to these donations. Prevent voter fraud Blockchain technology has the ability to provide an impossible to crack electronic vote counting system. This system can secure an election during voter registration as well as account for voter identification and ensure that votes cannot be tampered with at a later date.

In the same way that the Blockchain

Works with cryptocurrencies, it can also create a public and permanent ledger for the votes counted. This promises a future of fair democratic elections around the world. In fact there is already a startup working on this called Follow My Vote . More Security in Digital Marketing Secure transactions: The Blockchain provides full confidence when making transactions. Goodbye fakes. With the products within the chain of blocks, it could be traced from its manufacture to its recipient. In this way, we could verify that what we bought is not a copy. This makes the brand stronger and would eliminate the possible fear of the consumer to buy something counterfeit.

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The end of the Trolls?: Think for a moment that to use the Internet we would have to use a unique and universal card or password. A key that would replace all the previous ones to navigate, for the bank, social networks and other personal data. If all this information were in a Blockchain network, it would put an end to anonymity in social networks (trolls) and to all those who pretend to be others to attack their competition. This would increase user security. Are you looking for a suitable digital marketing strategy? Do not hesitate to contact us blockchain What is Blockchain? In the network, as in our offline life, we still have the same problem: we do not trust each other.

Many Specialists Have Wondered

What would have to happen so that intermediaries did not exist, since they can trade with our data. They propose that we all have the same information. “The block chain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be to record only financial transactions, but virtually any transaction or information that is of value.” Don and Alex Tapscott, authors of Block chain Revolution (2016) . The Blockchain is a technology that allows the transfer of data in a completely secure way thanks to a very sophisticated coding. It is often compared to an accounting book where all the inflows and outflows of money are recorded.

Of course, in this case, we would talk about a book of digital events. The Blockchain contributes to the fact that the transfer an intermediary to check and approve the information, but rather it is in various independent nodes that register and validate it. blockchain Blockchain Challenges This technology is still in its infancy. Many challenges remain to be faced.

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