What Do We Call Engagement?

When we talk about Engagement , we are talking about a term widely used in Digital Marketing . As trends advance, the most important brands fix their strategies around engagement for the influence it has on a campaign. Index of contents What is engagement? How is it achieved? How do we measure engagement? Other ways to Generate Engagement Conclution: What is engagement? It is the ability of a product (a brand, a blog, an application) to create solid and lasting relationships with its users , generating that commitment that is established between the brand and consumers.

The more we know about the user, the better tactics we can implement to make that relationship solid and lasting. When we talk about engagement , we talk about the way in which a client or prospect interacts with our different digital Venezuela Phone Number platforms: On the Website, on the Landing Page , through the content that we share through Social Networks, etc. Basically it is a term that measures the degree of interaction between a brand and users. How is it achieved? Establishing a stable, long-lasting and deep relationship with the user, either by providing a differential value, interacting with it, giving it special treatment… The whole point is to establish a dialogue with consumers, if you really want to interact with them.

Talking only about your brand

Forgetting about the problems, challenges and needs of your customers is like doing a monologue on digital platforms. We have to listen to him, observe him, establish a conversation with him. Placing the customer in our sights and not sales. We must make the user look for the interaction and want to repeat it, generating that emotional bond. Our product thanks to our good practices: “To achieve good engagement on social networks. We must think about the audience and not so much about our brand. From the selection of the contents that will be published to how. We will cause them to react with our content .

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On many occasions, the simple act of adding the link at the top or a final message that we expect comments, causes the engagement to skyrocket.” (Vilma Núñez, expert in Digital Marketing) How do we measure engagement? Engagement can be measured in different ways, with repeat purchases, repeated visits to a site, or in web analytics through aspects such as the bounce rate and the time spent, the number of page views per user, the time the user remains on the web or comments on a post. Speaking of Social Networks specifically, until recently, the number of likes on a publication was enough to measure the percentage of engagement vs.

Social Media Engagement

The total number of views of a post. Social media Now, the different platforms insist on the social nature of the Networks, so we are also looking for conversations. An important point is that the conversations into two Those that are show in our publication and. The Voice to Voice that is generate from content that really connects with the audience (which will have a positive effect even if we measure it with a specific percentage). Social Media engagement be measure in terms of: Facebook: Reactions (likes, love, etc.); comments; to share; clicks on images and clicks on links. Instagram: likes and comments Instagram Stories: Views and direct messages received. Twitter: Likes, RTs, replies, clicks on links, clicks on profile and open details (images / gifs).

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