What Can Instagram Bring to a Digital Strategy With More

As explained in the article on the use of social networks in France, Instagram is the 3rd favorite social network of the French, with more than 17 million active users per month. Its expansion is such that it becomes very interesting for companies to integrate it into their digital strategy. Instagram has become the essential tool for brands to instantly share photos and videos with their community, and thus Bolivia Phone Number List improves their visibility. Your Social Media agency is there to help you with your digital strategy. The rise of this social network means that more and more brands are using it to develop their business. This choice is explained by the fact that its engagement rate is 58 times higher than on other social networks (Source: Siècle Digital ). It is the network where Internet users remain the most active.

This Is Why It Has Become the Essential Tool to Increase

Instagram also allows you to publish Stories that will promote your brand to your community. For more information, you can read our article on how to use Instagram Stories to your advantage. Useful for further Bolivia Phone number developing your engagement rate. It is important to take into account the engagement rate on Instagram because it is essential for the KPI – Key Performance Indicator. And it is by publishing videos on your news feed that it will increase it considerably since they lead to more reactions from Internet users than a simple image .

Each Social Network Has Its Own Limits. In the Case of Instagram

Among them, we can find published content. As said before, it is the video that is the format most appreciated by Internet users. But must its content already attract them? So, when it comes to videos, they need to have Bolivia Phone Number List a high added value . You must take advantage of this content to enhance the human side , often neglected and criticized by companies, but also to build bonds of trust with your community. We must avoid giving an excessively professional image to Internet users s

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