What are the differences between latent demand and conscious demand?

Latent demand indicates the set of people who are not directly looking. For a particular product service, but who could still be interested in it in the future. Here is a simple example of two searches done on the web latent question. Example how many times to take the dog for a walk. The user, reading an interesting article about dogs, sees an advertising banner of dog kennels. Knowledgeable question example kennel for large dogs. The user already has a fairly definite idea of ​​what he is looking for. Latent and conscious question differences what is meant by latent demand in the marketing field, the latent demand is mainly aimed at the phase of interception of new targets , the analysis proves to be of considerable importance, because it is able to direct operational strategies in the right direction.


Regarding the fourth aspect (when)

This concept, closely linked to the idea of ​​discovery of a image manipulation service product service by potential customers, is aimed at intercepting those who, even if they are not yet aware of their needs, could become one. In practice, the latent question places you in front of a still essentially passive user, who discovers your product service and becomes interested. The discovery, a very important step in the path, represents the moment in which the user comes into contact for the first time with what you intend to offer him. The latent demand is also a necessary step to intercept new customers online , it allows you to develop the best strategy, not only suited to needs, but also effective in terms of emotional involvement.

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What is meant by conscious question

So this concept refers to all people who are not JPB Directory yet looking directly for something, but who could potentially be interested in it . To set up a market strategy that allows you to acquire new customers by examining. The latent demand, it is necessary to follow a logical path that involves four questions what are the. Characteristics of the people to be intercepted where are the people to be intercepted what are the people. To be intercepted looking for when can the people to be intercepted.

Contacted for these questions considerable help can be offered. By social networks, thanks to the high profiling capacity of the. Users present, it constitutes the main identification means that can be used. For the latent demand. This is extremely useful information that facebook or other social. Metworks make available to everyone to analyze which. Are the strong points on which to set the interception strategy.

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