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There’s always a great link building success story to share if you put in the time and effort. One of my proudest moments in 2014 was when I Kuwait WhatsApp Number List landed a 3-month trial link building project from one of the biggest online classified ad companies in Canada, looking to promote their rankings in the auto sector. They had used several other agencies and companies in the past and were overall very Kuwait WhatsApp Number List displeased with the quality of the links built. What surprised me the most was how specific their requirements were for the links; with one focusing on links having.

One of Our Most Successful Link Spend Most Our Building Campaigns

Cemper Power Trust >3. I assured them that I’d be able to deliver on my promise of building some awesome links. In the first month, built about Kuwait WhatsApp Number List half a dozen links, with the best link being a CPT of 12. Then in month two, dug deep and was able to pull off a link with a whopping CPT of 25!The client had never Kuwait WhatsApp Number List even seen a link over CTP of 15, let alone 25! Then in the third month, pulled off another link with CPT of 25 and another one at  Anyways, my most successful link building campaign this year was the creation of the First Step Scholarship for a client who is a DUI attorney here in Colorado. The scholarship headline (the link bait) is: “Lawyer Offers Scholarship to Students Who Admit Drunk Driving”.

Kuwait WhatsApp Number List

I know it sounds bad, but it’s really not. Read the details before you judge me ;). As of today, this has generated 38 links from 12 domains. It has been picked up by the Denver Post, the Wall Street Journal, Above the Law, and several other major online publication We worked with a client who competes in the Spend Most Our private energy sector which means they’re competing on a national level, Kuwait WhatsApp Number List but within many local areas as well. There were a number of successful campaigns for them, but the best was promoting their hurricane resource guide. It applied to anyone living in the South/East United States, was visually appealing, and it was expansive.

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