We Ran an Article Awards Project This Past Year for One

I think our biggest link building success in 2013 was the decision. Post only high quality and useful content on the E2M blog. Most of the posts helped us get as low as  and as high as 10 links per post by having other authors. Taiwan WhatsApp Number List republish or feature blog posts in weekly roundup posts on platforms like Taiwan WhatsApp Number List . We are implementing the same strategy in our client’s projects and have been able to see some great results as well. One of the things we’re very proud of is that our infographic on “The 11 Most Important Google Algorithm Updates of 2013” was featured on Search Engine Land! – This is our biggest achievement to date as a contributor to MOZ.

Build High DA Backlinks with Article Awards Project Visual Content

Domain Authority (DA) is a ranking system developed by Taiwan WhatsApp Number List to predict how likely a domain is to rank in search. Due to strict editorial scrutiny, it is difficult to get backlinks from high domain authority. So why do you need high DA backlinks? Because it can elevate your own domain Article Awards Project authority. Securing links on linked-to sites and pages often means that the page has more PageRank and link equity flowing. Basically, when they link to your page, their Taiwan WhatsApp Number List vote” matters more. Domain authority is not a perfect metric for measuring link value, but it is a good metric to use in conjunction with other metrics.

Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

Moz himself says that one of the best ways to influence DA is to build links from other high authority sites Good text-based articles can have difficulty securing links due to saturation of text content. More than 2 million blog posts are Taiwan WhatsApp Number List published on the Internet every day. Visual content is easy to interpret, and viewers can quickly determine whether it’s good or bad without investing too much time and effort. Visual content is easier to digest and generally more interesting. This opens up space for building high-DA backlinks with Taiwan WhatsApp Number List visual content, but it requires you to produce high-quality visuals that attract attention

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