Waze Ads the New Advertising Platform Decided to Allow

Waze has also decided to allow brands to increase their visibility, thanks to its 9.4 million users, with its advertising platform: Waze Ads. Your digital strategy agency can help you establish a strategy around this new platform. Waze is a GPS navigation application Bulgaria Phone Number List created in 2004 in Israel, then acquired in 2013 by Google. Today, it is the 6th most used application in France. It allows the Wazers, names of the users of the application, to report between them several elements that take place on their journey. For example, they can report a police check, traffic flow, ac.

The Advantage With This Application Is That Unlike

The advantage of this application is that, unlike other mobile players. It interacts in real-time with users. Some numbers according to official figures from waz. There are nearly 11 million monthly active users, with more Bulgaria Phone number than 3 million being active daily. Wazers make, on average, 13 trips a month, drive 90 minutes. A day and 380 kilometers a month. This will then allow companies to be often visible on their mobile. On waze, the distribution of women and men in france is balanced. 47% women and 53% men. Therefore, the company will be able to affect both of them equally. Advertisements with waze ads the gps navigation application is defined as the digital complement of the display. That is to say that the advertising panels, which wazers will see on their journey. Will also be visible on their mobile, but in a way different.

Advertisements with Waze Ads The GPS navigation

Table of purchasing methods and solutions – Source: Waze.com These services can correspond to the different budgets of the companies. To better choose the mode of purchase that corresponds to your strategy. It is necessary to bulgaria phone number list know what the services correspond to. The common goal of these services is to list outlets on waze at the best time for users. The pin service pin is used to position the store of the brand the exact place where it is located. Its objectives are therefore to reference. The shops on the map as well as to make them all the more visible.

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