Wait, what is voice search?

 Today we have an interesting post from guest author Michael Quoc. Michael is the founder and CEO of Denmark WhatsApp Number List , and today he will discuss voice search Voice search is an emerging trend in search, and certainly one that SEOs should pay close attention to. Read on to find out how Michael thinks voice search will impact SEO moving forward When you’re asking Google,  “Denmark WhatsApp Number List What day is Black Friday this year?” or asking Siri to help get wine off a white couch, you’re doing a voice search Voice searches describe searches that you perform using your voice.

The content needs to cater to the customer – both in tone and function.

These searches are conducted through voice assistants (Siri, Google Home, Cortana, Alexa, etc.) rather than manually typing searches into a Denmark WhatsApp Number List browser on your phone or computer In addition to keywords, Google relies on a number of factors, such as a particular user’s previous searches or search patterns, to provide search results based on what Google thinks that person is looking for This is called  Denmark WhatsApp Number List semantic search,” and it’s basically a fancy way of saying that Google is getting better at understanding people’s needs.

Having a mobile-first website is non-negotiable.

Below is an example of a semantic search. When you search for [movie Los Angeles] on your computer in Los Angeles, Google knows you’re Denmark WhatsApp Number List probably looking for movie times in the city, not movies about Los Angeles Before semantic search, any kind of search made sense for keywords. But Semantic Search knows that if you’re searching from Los Angeles, you’re more likely to be Denmark WhatsApp Number List looking for a movie time nearby. Since people are more conversational with their searches using voice, your branded content needs to take this into account. Optimize for a variety of relevant long-tail keywords and enjoy the best results For more information

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