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Think about how existing technologies should be integrated into your platform. Vietnam Phone Number which can derail your research or implementation, as Stan puts it, off the Vietnam Phone Number rails or in a rat hole.” Bring in a third party a vendor representative or independent consultant who can say, Listen guys, we hear everything you say. We’ve been down this road before. Here are some best practices that can help you along your journey. ” Plan governance As part of governance, create a policy: this is the lifespan of content on the platform.

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We remove it. Also determine your access policies (which will allow you, among other things, to Vietnam Phone Number and estimate the number of licenses you need when you create a contract with your provider): Who gets an account? What are the rights of each person or role? When do we add and remove people? Which partner agencies have access? Finally, create content development policies. Make it clear who submits ideas for a type of content and who doesn’t. Vietnam Phone Number You don’t want to create a collaborative environment and then invite chaos. Stan suggests setting up the platform so that anyone requesting new content to be created should include a strategy for the content, an audience for the content, a location for that content, and a call to action.

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Someone in an elevator and saying, “Hey, I want a brochure,” people need to go to the Vietnam Phone Number platform and answer those questions before anyone creates that content. “Processes like that force us to be more strategic,” Stan says. Any content request should include a strategy, audience, location, and call to action. Vietnam Phone Number Overload on Your Content TeamTrain people with care Customizes your training sessions based on how each group or role will use the platform. “Personalization makes information more ‘sticky’ and allows users to access the tool faster,” says Rachel. Train people on features that will be useful to them. For example, Stan says, “I can’t tell you the glory of centralized calendars.


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