Video Marketing How to Be Successful

ideos have outperformed any other digital advertising medium. In Social Networks, Internet users look for more video content. In addition, this type of content can generate much greater engagement with your audience. Brands know this and that is why they seek to offer quality content, using different tools and strategies to have a digital presence. If you still don’t know how to start video advertising or want to avoid making mistakes in this medium, we share some keys. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, only behind the search engine Google. On the platform, more than five billion videos are viewed daily. In addition, the audience between 25 and 44 years old consumes an average of 50 minutes of content daily. Youtube pixabay After analyzing this data, there is no doubt that YouTube has become the perfect platform to make yourself known.

If your company is in the first steps of the digital medium and seeks to make. Itself known in an effective way, video marketing and YouTube is Malta Phone Number the perfect mix. Index of contents Why video marketing? Keys to improve content on YouTube 1) Organize your content 2) Define your community well 3) Detailed and useful information 4) Concise description 5) Transcribe the content Conclution: Why video marketing ? The video remains the large format of the moment, the dynamism and speed have led users to prefer to see and hear, instead of reading.

It Is Estimated That by Video Marketing

will account for 80% of online content . There are many reasons why video marketing is becoming one of the most preferred marketing techniques by the public. We mention the main ones: Engagement: Video allows you to transmit a message in an original way. It can go perfectly for content that works on storytelling , humor and appeals to emotions, both positive and negative. Message: The message transmitted by an audiovisual medium has greater clarity. Thanks to the use of various resources: image, music, voice -over (voice not pronounced visually in front of the camera) and text.

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Memorability: Because the message is transmitted using various resources, it reaches the user through several senses at the same time (sight and hearing). This makes it easier for users to remember a brand if they have seen a video of it. Post Cron SEO: Videos hosted on platforms such as YouTube are positioned relatively more easily on the first pages of Google. Also, a page that includes video content can have higher benefits. On the one hand, it increases the time spent on the site, thanks to the video playback; and on the other, if it is shared, links to the web are obtained. Referral traffic: Content hosted on video platforms is a source of traffic for the company’s website.

Keys to Improve Content

On YouTube If we want to achieve a good position on the video platform. Which translates into a greater number of users and views. There are a series of points that will allow us to optimize our videos: 1) Organize your content. Organize your videos by themes in your playlists and create a trailer that introduces the channel. For the trailer you can start with a corporate video that shows the values ​​of the company. These contents seek to capture the corporate culture in images. At this point it is also important that in our content. We are always guid by the theme and well-defined storytelling . For example. If we have a food brand and we create a kitchen channel to offer recipes with our articles, that should be the line.

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