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Video marketing has become one of the main trends this year. Both the strength of the brand and the scope of sales of a product benefit from video content; In addition, audiences are inclined towards this type of format because they are practical and easy to consume. In this , the algorithms of the main Social Networks to user preferences. Continue to give to video content. In addition, the video format can increase the of a publication. Here are some of the best practices in video marketing that can strengthen your brand strategy. Image result for video marketing Index of contents 1. Offer Value: 2. Make sure you pass.

Make it Responsive Design: 4. That it does not look very “artificial” or “studied”: 5. Incorporate USG or User Generated Content: 6. Invite them to action Conclution: 1. Offer Value: Before thinking about gaining customers, remember that the brand needs to gain the trust of the public to whom it is speaking. To do this, valuable content that focuses Ghana Phone Numbers on customer needs encourages a much more interesting dialogue than if it is just about selling based on product attributes. The client must know that he will earn something, after having seen the video in question. 2. Make sure it passes the “silence” test : The first 5 seconds of the video are what determine if the message is attractive enough to continue watching or not. Especially since in those first 5 seconds, the video content has no sound, so the image, story or message must have a certain amount of curiosity.

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For example, including subtitles in the video is a great strategy rewarded by the algorithms of Social Networks. 3. Make it Responsive Design : The use of mobile devices must offer an experience that adapts to all types of screen size . Video marketing is no exception, so it is important to decide whether or not our audience prefers videos. Shot vertically and then if that format, for example, in a YouTube video. Remember that when it comes to valuable content and producing it on video. It is like constantly inviting people to a party  a post is not made just once but we can re-distribute the video on different platforms.

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That it does not look very “artificial” or “studied” : Each piece of content fulfills one goal: to create more customers. Whether it is future customers or retaining those who already know our brand. Building a bridge of trust is an everyday issue. Therefore, if your strategy is to get people to know you more, videos need to look natural. Having a structure in the story does not mean that the protagonist of the video says everything from memory. Audiences value spontaneity because it gives a behind-the-scenes feel that hooks us all. 5. Incorporate USG or User Generated Content : The User Generated Content is when we implement in our strategy content generated by the clients themselves .

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A subtle but authentic message to their audience: I see you and I recognize the time. You dedicate to our brand. Every day and with the support of digital devices, people generate valuable images. That use by the brand, thus generating greater engagement and attention. Invite them to action Generating proximity through a tutorial, a personalized video. A promotion or strengthening brand values ​​and forgetting the call to action is leaving the process incomplete. A CTA, (Call To Action) that generates a sense of urgency or that clearly indicates. What we ask the client to do after watching the video is also to facilitate the process that, in the end. Strengthens the relationship if we know how to give the instruction in a clear, concise and empathetic way. Previously identifying in which stage of the purchase process the customer is locate.

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