Use Social Media to Boost Productivity

Social Media is already part of our lives. We load our social networks on our phones because they facilitate our communication. There we follow our friends, family, artists and the brands that we like the most . But they are not without a bit of controversy, especially when it comes to their use during office hours. Is Social Media a detractor of labor productivity? Let’s see: Index of contents unexpected ally mental breaks professional connections Problem solving Personal relationships unexpected ally The fear is that employees use Facebook, Instagram. Twitter and other networks to distract themselves or waste time. But there is another story: social networks can be a very valuable internal communication tool.

In fact, a Harvard Business Review study concluded that 82% of employees consider. Social Media allows them to improve their labor relations. In addition, 60% say that it also promotes decision-making among colleagues. In addition, other UAE Mobile Number Database of using Social Media in the office are the following: mental breaks Agencies-marketing-digital. This is the main reason employees use social media in the office. It is not something to be ignored. We all need a break to function at 100% capacity. Using Social Media gives them control of their time. Spending time on Facebook or Twitter is better than interrupting the rhythm of others, or leaving the most important work for preferring to read in a break room.

Professional Connections Think of Linkedin

A social network designed to foster business relationships and the exchange of ideas. With web interaction , any employee can generate prospects, clients, business opportunities that they could not see otherwise. Problem solving If there’s a task they can’t solve, and perhaps their colleagues don’t have the answer they need either, employees can refer to their Social Media connections to find the best It is fast, simple and immediate. A single question on Twitter can generate dozens of answers, and that results in solutions, or at least effective work strategies. Social Media is not only a fun tool, but also a perspective tool. And it is also an excellent way to search and find relevant information for your work: videos , blogs , podcasts, evergreen content , etc… or the best tool for them to share your brand and make new prospects fall in love.

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Personal relationships It’s hard to find good friends in the office when employees can’t get up from their desks for long. Why not go to chats, gifs or memes to promote that relationship, from their computers? Social Media is great for generating new ideas and maintaining positive relationships at work. If they can interact and have fun, the work can only get better. email-marketing In addition, each employee’s achievements, accolades, or anniversaries should always be recognized. What better way to spread the word and promote interaction than a post on Instagram, or posts on Facebook? Social networks can also have social groups.

Create Them to Increase Productivity

From Social Media, the members can connect, share their progress, propose, modify and meet the goals in the expected time, while escaping a little from the routine. Productivity is not measured by the time spent on the job, but by the delivery of good results. If you take advantage of the use of Social Media in the office, you can cultivate its benefits for better results. You already have it, include Social Media in the office. We can help you. If you are looking for a proper management of your social networks, do not hesitate to contact us . Having a clear picture of your brand’s potential in the digital world is an essential strategy for success.

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