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You don’t have to use Gutenberg if you don’t want to. WordPress offers a classic editor plugin for those who still prefer the old-school CMS to download and install. While the old option is available, Over Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List % of WordPress users have switched to the new block editor uilt with modern technology, the new Gutenberg editor offers a completely different approach to creating web content. Instead of using plugins and custom code to develop web content, the WordPress block editor relies Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List on blocks to build and design web pages. These blocks allow you to develop a large number of multimedia pages without much technical knowledge.

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How does the Gutenberg editor work Now that you know that Gutenberg is a Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List block-based editor, you might be wondering how the block editor works. The new WordPress editor is basically a drag-and-drop content editor. Instead of building web pages with free text, insert media and shortcodes, you can use intuitive components/blocks to easily create, reposition Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List and set up different types of cntent Gutenberg offers a series of specialized blocks for different types of content. Some of these blocks include.

Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List

After selecting one of these blocks from the top toolbar, you Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List start adding content inside the component. Since each block is a separate entity, you can style each block to your liking and drag it anywhere on the editor to create unique page layouts. The WordPress block editor gives you more Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List control, flexibility, and accessibility to build custom content Auxiliary functions of the block edito WordPress block editor showing how to navigate between block Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List Source: WordPress Plugin – Block Navigation.

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