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In addition to the modular block approach and drag-and-drop functionality, the Gutenberg editor offers many other usability and accessibility features to improve the editing experience. These new features make using WordPress easier for everyone, including screen reader users. Below, I’ll discuss Gutenberg’s new accessibility features and provide instructions on how to use them NOTE: If you are Austria Phone Numbers List using a Windows or Linux system, use CTRL instead of ⌘ and ALT instead of ⌥ for the following instruction keyboard navigatio One of the biggest problems with older versions of WordPress was that screen reader users couldn’t access them. More than 7.6 million American adults are Austria Phone Numbers List visually impaired and use assistive technologies such as screen readers to access web content.

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To make WordPress accessible to visually impaired users, the block editor introduced Navigation Mode in 2019 Not only does Navigation Mode make WordPress accessible to screen reader users, but it also Austria Phone Numbers List improves the overall usability of the platform. This new accessibility feature allows users to quickly navigate the editor using the Tab and arrow keys. Using shortcuts to get to the block you want eliminates the need to interact with a lot of content, which helps save time. Use the following WordPress block Austria Phone Numbers List editor keyboard navigation tips to make your content creation process more efficien Navigate between nested blocks.

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If you want to access parent or child/nested blocks without scrolling a lot of content, you have to take advantage of navigation patterns. The latest version of Navigation Mode allows users to move Austria Phone Numbers List back and forth between parent and child blocks, as well as between child blocks. To enter navigation mode, select a block and press ESC Landing page SEO optimization is a core part of your SEO strategy, especially as we approach the holidays. However, many companies don’t take advantage of what Austria Phone Numbers List SEO and keywords on landing pages can provide compared to other pages.

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