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Understanding the context in which the user makes a choice. In fact, everyone has experienced such a scene. When you’re thinking about which Bolivia Phone Number restaurant to go to for dinner. You’re making decisions based on distance. Type and quality of restaurants, and whether there’s a discount. Here, subsidies are Bolivia Phone Number only one dimension. And most likely not the most important dimension. At this point, how to subsidize and in which way the subsidy will appear. Have become issues that have to be considered. A new feature launched by wechat not long ago is an attempt in this regard. Using wechat “shake” can directly shake out corporate red envelopes and coupons for nearby businesses.

The Smartest Way Bolivia Phone Number

To compete for users is to build strong connections with users. Take wechat as an example. There is a card package function in wechat, which contains various discounts you get. Such as common discount coupons, vouchers, group Bolivia Phone Number purchase coupons, etc. Its killer function is “gift to friends”. It is no longer a subsidy from the merchant, but a gift from a friend before. So the subsidy goes beyond the purely economic scope and Bolivia Phone Number touches the emotional level of people. Subsidy does the subsidy have to be money? This is more imaginative. For example, china telecom launched the traffic treasure business before. Internet companies provide users with traffic, which is free for users.

As Long as Users Bolivia Phone Number

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Use the services of this internet Bolivia Phone Number company, isn’t this also a subsidy? Dare to imagine, the evolution of subsidies has only just begun. When the internet changes the real business world. More widely and deeply, the competition in the internet industry. Itself becomes more and more intense, and it Bolivia Phone Number becomes more difficult. To compete for users, and it becomes particularly important. To compete for users more intelligently and efficiently. It always ends up like this: at first the internet brought technology and capital, and then everything changed. Partial deposits and withdrawals used to be a feature of an era. Every month you took your salary and ran to the bank to save it.

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