Understand the premise of Google’s algorithm update

Start by investing in proper web hostin A major issue that can ruin your performance in Costa Rica Phone Numbers List Core Web Vitals is failing to invest in a good hosting and server environment. Costa Rica Phone Numbers List A sub-par server increases first input lag and reduces max content draw. To improve performance, consider adding a CDN to your hosting environment or Understand premise Google’s upgrading to a hosting environment that offers a CDN. You can also take advantage of server-side caching to improve server Costa Rica Phone Numbers List performance.

Understand the need for Understand premise Google’s platform refactoring

Optimize your video and image conten The type of videos and images you have on your website will determine your readiness for Google’s 2021 SEO algorithm update. To optimize image Costa Rica Phone Numbers List files you should Reduce image size or replace background ima If possible, remove above-the-fold images for mobile site layou Leverage next-generation image formats such as Web Understand premise Google’s On the other hand, while videos can attract visitors, they can seriously affect load times. You should avoid above-the-fold videos Costa Rica Phone Numbers List and replace video thumbnails with image placeholders.

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What if you can’t change your web hosting Some brands may not have the ability to Costa Rica Phone Numbers List change their web hosts, especially those on platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce.  the first step in getting ready for the 2021 Google algorithm update isCosta Rica Phone Numbers List to focus on optimizing the videos, images, themes, and templates they Costa Rica Phone Numbers List choose. That’s why choosing the right ecommerce platform is crucial.

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