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Since Kapost integrates with Eloqua, they could link the content creation process and the Ukraine Phone Number email asset creation process. (In this case, Eloqua emails were the content, and Kapost was the platform that managed that content.) Content owners also had access to analytics. For example, Rockwell’s teams in the Asia Pacific and Latin America managed emails in Eloqua and asked for help. Ukraine Phone Number They created a pilot using B2B content marketing platform Kapost, which helped them manage translations, time zones, and their own vendors.

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project with Rockwell Automation’s long-running case study program, which followed strict internal review, customer review, and legal review processes. Ukraine Phone Number Bringing these processes into the platform helped the team deal with their overly long workflow and revealed where the UI needed new fields (e.g., one to collect feedback from reviewers). During the pilots, Rachel and Stan figured out how to Ukraine Phone Numbers set up the rig, how to run the training, and what kind of strategy they needed. “Some pilots were overlapping with the start of training,” says Rachel. “The pilots gave us about three months to better understand the platform and anticipate the questions content creators would ask.”

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Ticking boxes and not doing the things you love to do. Limit workflow to transfer points. Ukraine Phone Number If I create a brochure and someone reviews it, those are my two steps. You don’t need every detail in between; otherwise, it becomes clumsy. » Stakeholders often have opposing viewpoints, which can derail your research or implementation, as Stan puts it, “off the rails or in a rat hole.” Ukraine Phone Number Bring in a third party – a vendor representative or independent consultant – who can say, “Listen, guys, we hear everything you say. We’ve been down this road before. Here are some best practices that can help you along your journey. “


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