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Twitter is one of the most widely used social networks in the world. With 330 million active users per month (source: le journal du net ). Unlike facebook, the social network with the blue bird is not talked about because of. The problems of use of the personal data of its twittos – name of twitter users. At the moment, he is talking about him about the removal of one of his features: the precise localization. Your smo agency explains this news to you today. Twitter has given its users the possibility to add their location under their tweet. Whether it is precise or not. For this, the social network collects. Stores and uses the location of its users in order to transcribe it in the tweet.

The Twittos Could Then Integrate if They Activated the Precise Location

For the sake of transparency regarding the collection of personal data from users of the social network. Twitter wanted to describe to them all the data it needed in order to display the location. Therefore, they are aware of the Uruguay WhatsApp Number List elements that twitter collects when they decide to use this or that feature. Following infrequent use of this feature by internet users. Twitter has decided to remove it. This may be due to the reluctance of internet users to share the exact location of sensitive places. Such as their home or their place of work for example.

The Removal of Its Precise Location Functionality

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It was therefore during the month of june that twitter decided to announce, via its account. The removal of its precise location functionality. However, it will be accessible when its camera is updated. Where twitter users can add it under their photos. The social network specifies that it is only the latter that will no longer be available. And that the simple location under the tweets will remain so . The precise location feature available under tweets has been removed by twitter. This allowed the user to display longitude and latitude below a tweet, if desired. However, the vast majority of twittos did not use it and it is for this reason that the bluebird. The social networks decided to no longer offer it to its internet users.

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