Twitter Launches Customizable News Feeds Digital News Right Now

Twitter is at the center of digital news right now with its changes and new features. Last month the social network announced the removal of the precise location feature below tweets. A few days later, the social network announced that it UK WhatsApp Number List intended to add a new feature: the customizable news feed. Your Social Media agency tells you more about this Twitter novelty. During the month of June, the bluebird social network chained the news, whether to announce the addition or removal of functionality. This time, Twitter has UK WhatsApp Number List decided to further develop its news feed. The Twitter – name of Twitter users – will surely be lucky enough to be able to access their various.

Twitter does not rest on its achievements and continues

This novelty is, for the moment, only an idea that the UK WhatsApp Number List social network had. Nevertheless, some users currently have the opportunity to test it. The principle of the latter is simple: users will be able to consult all the lists created on the same page. However, it will not be inevitable; it will be possible to keep the same basic home page, with all subscriptions. If this change is likely to interest you, you will only have to create lists , available in the menu of the social network; you will have the possibility to UK WhatsApp Number List segment them according to the themes of the accounts, for example. Then you just need to link the Twitter accounts to the corresponding lists . They will then be available in the news feed.

The “lists” Tab in the Side Menu on the Twitter App

UK WhatsApp Number List

Twitter is one of the most used social networks by Internet users. Its objective is to improve the interface of its platform so that its users can easily navigate it. To do this, the social network has decided to unveil one of its projects. This will be linked to the UK WhatsApp Number List news feed. Indeed, it will be possible to access the lists created, directly on the home page. If the tests prove conclusive, this new feature will be available to all users . If you need advice on your Social Media strategy, especially on Twitter, do not hesitate to contact us . Our experts will be delighted to assist you in your projects.

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