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Turned to internet financial products because. They were dissatisfied with the efficiency of traditional financial services. Investors who like to share. We may still remember that online banking users on the pc. The side lacked sharing and recommendation Cambodia Phone Number due to the fact that private information. And fund security was involved. As a result, online banking users could only complete financial transactions Cambodia Phone Number independently. Under the framework of their own knowledge. The current baby products, due to their single product, simple income expression. And various mobile terminals can display product dynamics, make investment sharing more natural and convenient, and to a certain extent. Increase the interaction and promotion among fans.

The Survey Shows Cambodia Phone Number

That more than 90% of investors Cambodia Phone Number would choose to recommend internet money fund. Products to others, which was unimaginable before. 6. Rational investors compared with the investment rate. Of return in the capital Cambodia Phone Number market, p2p investors’ pursuit of interests has become more rational. After the p2p outbreak and bankruptcy in 2013, they believe that investment. Is more important than speculation. According to the survey, compared with the previous p2p market that. Used 30% to 50% of the rate of return to attract users, the acceptable annualized rate of return. For most p2p investors is 7% to 15%. Investors full of research spirit for the descriptions of wealth management products.

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Various financial agreements of traditional Cambodia Phone Number financial institutions. Very few buyers seriously check them. For financial institutions and internet companies, you may regard internet financial products as an “experimental field”, but consumers regard this as an investment, an investment method that they cherish and like. The survey Cambodia Phone Number shows that the vast majority of investors who buy internet money funds will carefully study. The terms and agreements of products and services, and 40% of investors are also very concerned about the ranking of product performance. This is not a group of ignorant, follow-up investors. As everyone thinks, they are a group of people who embrace the internet. Take their meager wages, and hope to have their own unique lifestyle.

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