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Did you know that Inbound Marketing costs 62% less than traditional sales tactics, and generates 3 times more leads? If you are frustrated by using the same strategies without seeing results. We invite you to review what the content matrix can do for your company. Index of contents 3 Advantages of Content Marketing Has a high Return. On Investment Nurture the Relationship with Clients Strengthens you as a leader in your industry. What the Content Matrix has for your business Entertain Educate Inspire Convince 3 Advantages of Content Marketing.

The advantages that content marketing can bring to small and medium-sized companies are many, and have an impact on different areas of the business. We share 3 of them: Has a high Return on Investment Creating and distributing your content New Zealand Phone Number the most effective way to get your message across to the right audience, at the right time. 70% of people prefer to find out about the benefits of a product through its content than through advertising. For example, if you have a blog, publish content regularly and share it on social networks, the increase in your web traffic, the visibility of your brand and the value of your brand will have positive effects over time.

Nurture the Relationship with Clients Taking

Into account the opinions of those who have already used your product or service is something that is taken for granted when talking about quality of service. But how to have truly loyal customers? Customers whose satisfaction invites them to talk about your brand, share the content you provide and finally recommend you. The Content Matrix allows you not only to open communication channels with your existing clients and to reach their circles of influence. It also gives you the opportunity to contact various audience segments at various stages of the buying process. Strengthens you as a leader in your industry Earning the admiration and respect of your audience takes time and effort.

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If you think of content marketing as a marathon, and not a 100 meter race, you have truly gained the brand equity that businesses aspire to. If you rely on each quadrant of the content matrix, all content you share positions you as an expert in your niche. Little by little, your audience will come when they have a problem to solve. Ready to start a campaign? What the Content Matrix has for your business The content matrix contains 4 quadrants with different types of content, which result from combining each axis: The “x” axis goes from an attraction stage to guide the user to their purchase decision. The “y” axis goes from the most rational content type to the most emotional.

In This Way, Your Brand Can Create

Types of content for your audience Entertain matrix-of-content. Here are the formats to engage your audience and create a first impression. A few seconds, or one or two minutes, can achieve the of this first stage your public and appeal. An emotion that allows them to remember your brand. Videos contests Games eBooks with information of interest Educate matrix-of-contents. When a user is not clear about the solution to a problem, your brand can “educate” with content that makes sense. You strengthen the knowledge stage, resolve doubts and convey an honest interest in supporting your prospect in what they need.

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