Translatotron Le Nouvel Outil De Traduction Directe De Google

Google is no longer enough of Google Translate when it comes to translators. The internet giant presented its new system, associated with artificial intelligence. Which is able to translate a text into another language in real-time. You can find Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List his new translator under the name of translatotron. Translation is, therefore, since may 2019. The new google translator. It is an automatic translation module that is associated with artificial intelligence. It is with the help of artificial intelligence that the model uses spectrograms in order to analyze. The frequency components of the voice, and a vocoder to synthesize it in the desired language. Passing through a neural network for translation.

Why Is Translatoron Different From Other Translator

It, therefore, makes it possible to translate a conversation in real-time into any language. It is thanks to the use of artificial intelligence that its voice synthesis manages to offer natural sentences that reproduce the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number Iintonation and cadence of the speaker. Why is Translation different from other translators?. Google’s new system differs from existing translators because it is considered more “direct” and faster. Indeed, unlike the others, it does not transcribe spoken speech into text to translate it and then read it using voice synthesis. It is the first direct speech translation tool. He does not go through the written transcription, which allows him to limit errors.

What to Remember Google Has Therefore Developed and Announced

Users will now be able to communicate normally and quickly with people who do not speak their language, thanks to a translation that has a natural and more “human” tone than other translators. You can see on the Google blog, a post specially written to Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List introduce this new system. In this article, Google explains that Translation uses a different model than the one already used by other translators, as explained above. It translates the lyrics only in one step. According to Google, this system would make it possible to better respect proper names, but also to be more reactive. In this post, you can also hear several translation examples.

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