To Encourage Clicks Aim for the First Position Google’s Top 3 Search Results

This percentage comes from a recent study carried out by Backlinko, which focused on analyzing click-through rates on Google search results. The company studied the CTRs of over 874,000 pages and 5 million queries to determine the average click-through rate for each position on the SERP. Unsurprisingly, Google’s top 3 search results drive three-quarters of click-through rates on a results page. In other words, the implementation of an SEO strategy is therefore essential if you want to be visible on relevant queries.

First Position Click-through Rate Ctr of the First Position

As you go down the SERP, the CTR decreases a little more each time. The gap widens considerably between the first and second positions. The CTR goes, in fact, from 31.7% to 24.7%. Most users instinctively click on the Ecuador WhatsApp Number List first result that appears after launching a search. If the result corresponds to their expectations, then they will not see other results. If this is not the case, Internet users will then click on the result in the second position, then the third, and so on. But inevitably, the more they click on other results, the more likely they are that they will finally find the answer to their query. The clicks down the SERP are dwindling. Thus, a page in first position is ten times more likely to be clicked than a page in the tenth position.

And the Second Page of Results Is Fatal for the Referenced Sites

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Apart from the large gap between the first position and the rest of the results, it is also interesting to observe the evolution of the lower positions. Indeed, we also notice a fairly clear drop in the CTR between position 5 and positions 6 to 10. Similarly, we observe this same scenario with position 3. This can easily be explained by the fact that the third position sits above the fold line when there are no Google Ads ads at the top of the SERP. Internet users therefore more easily stop their search at this result, which does not require scrolling.

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