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You also have to listen to your audience. But the truth is, there will always be people who don’t like my marketing strategy, and the big question is: “How many others will?”. To illustrate my point, let’s start with the black sheep of social media marketing automation: automated direct messages on Twitter. In our days of exploreB2B publishing platforms, people told us we shouldn’t be sending automated direct messages on Twitter because if we did, people wouldn’t follow us. Do you know what happened? Twitter direct messages have proven to be our most effective marketing channel.

By simply inviting people to post their business content on our platform, we sparked exponential user growth on exploreB2B with an incredible 30% success rate. Social media marketing automation can be a good thing. Here’s what you need to know to grow your business using automation #socialmedia #marketingautomation #socialmediatips #socialmediamarketing #marketingstrategy Some people may not be following us after receiving automated direct messages. However, as a startup with no marketing budget, we couldn’t pass up a great marketing opportunity that we got almost for free.

Our Account Has Grown

So fast that we can easily turn our backs on the few people we annoy. Of course, there are bad direct messages, and there are bad ads, and there are bad social media posts. The trick isn’t just doing something or not doing it; it means doing it right or leaving it. To me, the direct message case is Azerbaijan whatsapp number list synonymous with how marketing automation is perceived and misunderstood. 1. It’s Always Bad Sometimes when I talk or read about marketing automation, I get the impression that it’s considered the enemy of all “good” marketing, no matter what “good” is in this context. I’m sorry I disagree.

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I think marketing automation and tools to help you automate some of your most time-consuming tasks are a great gift for all marketers. We have a wealth of marketing opportunities, and we have a responsibility to use them carefully and to ensure that our audience still feels respected. Respect your audience For many small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs, marketing automation is an opportunity to join the big names in concert on social media and still get the job done. Especially as accounts grow, marketing automation can help manage social media without investing in a full-time job.

The More The Better

Although you appreciate marketing automation, sometimes too much is too much. It gives me goosebumps when I read about people automating their accounts to automatically retweet. All tweets posted by an account or a specific number of tweets that contain a certain hashtag. Sorry, although I automate a lot, I won’t share something I haven’t seen before. There are some automated processes that I wouldn’t do. Hey, before you read on, we have several free detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this article, check out: Free Workbook: Creating Awesome Blog Posts Free Beginner’s Guide.

Starting a Blog But, I’m not going to tell you never to do this. Why? Because only you can assess your situation and decide whether automated procedures will help or hurt your social media marketing. Less is better Of course, social media is social, and you should include. Your personality and some conversation in your social media marketing strategy. However, aiming for as little automation as possible doesn’t seem like the best strategy. I highly doubt that anyone defines their marketing goal as “automating as little as possible”. If so, maybe you should ask yourself if you should work in marketing!

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