To Be Better Referenced, Bet on Originality Google Announced

Yesterday, Google announced through a statement on its blog that an update to its algorithm had recently been rolled out. This will favorably affect the original contents. By “original”, we must understand authentic content that has never been relayed on the web. If the Google algorithm already took into account the recency of content to rank web pages on the SERP, now it will take into account the originality of content. Your Google SEO agency tells you more.

An Update to Promote Unique Content This Is Not a New Phenomenon

This is not a new phenomenon when a media publishes an exclusive on the internet. It then spreads like wildfire; all other competing media carrying said information. While the first media may have found itself at the China WhatsApp Number List top of google searches for a moment. It is quickly joined by other media likely to overtake it in the search results. This is what google wants to avoid with its new algorithmic update. The new algorithm will, in fact, be able to detect the original content of others. And will then promote it in the ranking of search results. For the algorithm to learn to identify authentic content, human intervention will be necessary.

The Algorithm Will Thus Be Trained by 10,000 Evaluators

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For internet users, this guarantees them quick access to authentic news. They will no longer have to search on google for source information to verify the veracity of a news item. For publishers. It rewards their work, which in turn should bring them more web traffic. In theory, this update is a good thing. But in practice. We can still ask the question of what is original content. Because, indeed, for google. It is not enough to publish exclusive news first. It is still necessary that the content is of quality. In its press release, google talks about reports and in-depth investigative work. It goes without saying that it is therefore not only about publishing hot news.

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