Tmt Post Reporters Have Classified Finland Phone Number

Tmt post reporters have classified the data as follows. According to the survey, nearly 22% of users have not installed the app, which was launched at the end of july last year. More than 70% of users said that the non-app version of douban can Finland Phone Number meet their needs , and more than 18% of users said they did not. I know this app exists. 3 an interesting fact is that nearly 60% of users who have already used the douban app know it through the douban website. While less than a quarter of users through other douban applications Finland Phone Number and distribution channels. In other words, in this survey sample of more than 20,000 people. More than 60% of users still use douban in the main scene on the website.

Although Douban Has Finland Phone Number

Obviously accelerated the pace of mobile promotion. Since last year, the traditional the conversion of users to mobile Finland Phone Number users is not ideal. Let’s take a look at a few other companies. As of the third quarter of 2014, the number of monthly. Active users of dianping exceeded 170 million, the mobile phone traffic accounted for more than 80%. The number of mobile users Finland Phone Number exceeded 180 million; by 2014, the total number of users of meituan exceeded 200 million, and the in the transaction volume of rmb. The mobile terminal accounts for more than 90%. The mobile internet has become a trend that major. Platforms are chasing after, and startup companies have already done so.

The Investment and Finland Phone Number

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Achievements of other large companies like. Wolf-like tigers in it are of course self-evident. However, judging from the survey results, douban’s mobile pace is now Finland Phone Number quite sluggish. In addition to the weakness of the number of mobile users, the user’s usage habits on the “douban” app are also worth pondering. 4 the tagging and rating of movies and books are the most used functions by users. However, the irony is Finland Phone Number that users can easily buy movie. Tickets and books on the website. However, on the “douban” app, users can only mark movies but cannot buy movie tickets. Douban voluntarily abandoned this on its own app.

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