Tips to Identify the Perfect Keywords

Content today is one of the best ways to connect with the consumer. Now in the digital age, people have changed their consumption and browsing habits. Currently, valuable content is what can make the difference so that your company is preferred among competitors. In order to generate valuable content, the secret is in the keywords you use within your content. Finding the perfect keywords to include in your content can be a difficult task, but to help you a little, today we share some tips to easily identify the keywords that can best be used in your content. Index of contents Keywords in 2019 How to identify keywords? 1- Make a list of relevant topics 2- Get keyword suggestions from Google 3- Discover related searches 4- Filter your list of keywords Keywords in 2019 According to an analysis by SEM Rush.

At this point, it is also a good option to bet on the “long tail”. On the other hand, we can also opt for some generic terms that over time can make the company climb to the first page. Now plan your content strategy very well so that your company can Israel Phone Number positions in terms of SEO. Having a greater digital presence and thus boost the growth of your company. If you need help with your SEO and content strategy, we can be the support you need. Schedule your free advice now to design the most appropriate strategy for your brand and thus generate valuable content for Internet users.

How to Identify Keywords

Before starting with the generation of content or the publication of products on certain key terms, it is necessary to carry out a study on the most relevant terms for the brand. 1- Make a list of relevant topics Create a list of topics that are relevant to the business or company. Consider the first things that come to mind when you think of the business or industry the company belongs to. For example, for a digital marketing agency, terms such as SEO, Email Marketing , social networks and social media marketing , as well as influencer marketing can be good options. The chosen topics will help define specific keywords later. 2- Get keyword suggestions from Google Once we have the list of topics, covering all the possibilities, the next step is to build a more robust keyword list .

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A good idea may be to identify these topics in Google and highlight the alternative suggestions that the search engine presents. Continuing with the topic of digital marketing , if you search for the phrase in Google, you will find a whole series of related suggestions where courses are mentioned; pdf documents; graduates; concept definition; examples and even jobs related to the search.  Discover related searches To focus the attention of results when identifying the keywords for our content. The next thing is to take advantage of the related searches. That Google returns each time a concept is consulted . It is only necessary to go to the bottom. The search results page and consult the results that appear in the “Searches related tothe searched keyword)” section .

Returning to the Example of Digital

marketing, in the Google section it is possible to find related searches that include terms such as: “Wikipedia digital marketing” ; “importance of digital marketing” ; “digital marketing agency” , etc. 4- Filter your list of keywords Now to finish, the last thing on the list in the process to identify keywords is to filter all the information from the previous points. To complete the final step, you must use tools such as Google’s KeyWord Planner or similar ones such as , Moz Keyword Explore , BuzzSumo or even Sporu Social itself. The process consists of loading the lists to consult the volumes of searches and estimated traffic of each term . This will allow us to estimate how many clicks and impressions can be obtaine. Once we have that keyword information, we need to target those words with the highest average queries, impressions, and clicks but low to medium competition.

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