Tips to Design the Content Plan

Content marketing and the blog can be a great ally to generate traffic to our website, and connect with the client. Thanks to this we can offer valuable content for our market, making a difference between our competitors. For our content strategy , and especially the blog, to be effective, a content plan can be of great help and make our work easier. What is the best way to design the plan? What topics would be ideal to include? Today we review these points and the importance of the content plan in the digital marketing strategy.

A content plan is an economic strategy that guarantees short-term results. The content planned and disseminated in a controlled manner allows to reduce the cost per Lead (Prospect) . In addition, it will help you increase sales significantly . Thanks Georgia Phone Numbers to the content plan, a great diffusion can be generated economically , and this will improve brand recognition. The content spread in an organized way can position the company as an industry leader and give an expert position on the subject. Another benefit provided by a content plan is to positively influence the decision-making of the target audience; as well as facilitating and encouraging interaction with the brand .

The Indicators Must Be Designed

Designing a content plan blog content plan design SEMrush For our content plan to work, it is important to take into account the following points: 1) Situation analysis First, you need to make a description of the current situation of the company . Through a SWOT / SWOT analysis and a small list of what the competition is doing, areas of opportunity identifie to improve the strategy. In this way, these points can be covered through the blog content plan. 2) Definition of objectives and KPI’S Now the next thing is to establish the objectives that you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term . The ideal number of objectives should be between 2 and 10, considering that they are SMART objectives.

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SMART goals detail, easily measurable, realistic, relevant to the business, and within an ideal time frame. You can define an objective for each content, think about what you want to achieve with each created content. Regarding the KPI’s , define them to measure the results generated by your content. Identify those indicators that allow you to measure and control whether the work carried out is meeting expectations. The indicators must be design to obtain relevant information. For example, knowing if the content plan is working and to what extent it helps to meet your brand objectives. 3) Target audience target audiences ESAN Knowing our target audience well is one of the pillars of the content plan for a blog .

Content to Generate Traffic

Try to use as many keywords as necessary to increase the levels of traffic to the website. Regardless of its quality. Content to improve conversion. Efforts are concentrate on finding the keywords that give the highest conversion , despite the fact that the traffic to the site is lower. The tone of communication is also important. Choose the one that best suits your brand personality. Take care that the communication and style of your content is consistent with the brand strategy that you previously defined. 5) Broadcast channels Establish. Which channels are valid for disseminating blog content (the most effective): those consumed by your target audience.

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