Tips for Better on Social Networks

Being able to connect effectively with our customers (engagement) becomes an increasingly difficult task. It takes a lot of effort and a well thought out strategy to deliver that unique brand experience that allows us to have that special and stable relationship with our customers. Social networks have evolved the forms of communication with the user. They can be the perfect means to generate that engagement with brands. How to take advantage of this medium for better engagement ? We share some keys. Index of contents 1. Be active and engage with your community 2. Be creative and resourceful 3. Contests and sweepstakes 4. Visual content 5. Streaming.

Influencer Marketing 7. Join a social cause, with authenticity 1. Be active and engage with your community Establishing long-term links is essential for our followers to be loyal to the brand. Your followers should feel special, establishing Peru Phone Number an individual relationship with them. It is also important to have a responsibility, as well as empathy with the cultural components of the consumer to be part of the cultural conversation. To generate that feeling, you have to interact with the community, respond to comments and that the conversation is always bidirectional (immediate and simultaneous between both parties). Try to answer all questions and participate in the conversation threads.

Generate Conversations and Opinions

So that they feel part of the project and the brand. Also consider encouraging conversations through feedback . You can directly ask the audience for their opinion on some of your products; not necessarily through comments, you can also opt for tests, tests , etc. 2. Be creative and resourceful Creative person Alex Mendez Romero The ultimate goal of any brand is to differentiate itself, and to achieve this you have to be original ; communicate messages that are not only based on selling your product or service. You can lean on puns or humor. To make sure that our content really gives something of value to the audience, it is important to review the content. Only one in five pieces of content should be promotional , the rest should add something of value to the audience.

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Contests and sweepstakes One of the most effective ways to increase engagement is through contests and giveaways. Rewarding the most loyal followers for their commitment is key so that they feel the value of their presence in the brand. trophy awards 4. Visual content There are several studies that ensure that visual content helps improve the interaction of publications. For example, one study shows that 54% of all users seek to post an original photo or video of their own. In addition, almost half of Internet users have shared a photo or video of content they found online . On Facebook, engagement is 2.3 times higher and on Twitter, images can generate 150% more retweets . Also, the video can change the routine; They should not be too long or they will tire the user.

Streaming the New Live Video

Streaming features are one of the best options to connect with the audience in real time and share content, generating a close relationship with them. The freshness that this type of connection transmits helps to create close ties. 6. Influencer Marketing There is no brand that does not have a prescriber as an ally to share content with the community about its product or service. Choose those personalities that are in line with the values ​​of your brand. women influencers and arrows Medium 7. Join a social cause, with authenticity Take advantage of social networks to raise your voice about those social causes in which the team truly believes.

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