Time Marketing and How It Influence

Real Time Marketing is Marketing in real time . At a time when the eyes of the public are fixed on cell phone screens, attracting attention is a challenge. Through different strategies, we seek to make a potential client stop scrolling down and spend a few more minutes on our message. In this sense, Real Time Marketing opens an opportunity within the framework of entertaining content, to attract more views. Index of contents Real Time Marketing and how to apply it to your brand Examples of Real Time Marketing The Classic The Dress.

The New Normal: Temporality and Social Networks Conclution. Real Time Marketing and how to apply it to your brand Real Time Marketing. An exposure of our brand attached to a message or event that is happening at the present moment. It is a Dominican Republic Phone Numbers concept that has spread thanks to the rise of social networks. The key to this trend is to create content “on the fly. In real time , taking advantage of a relevant event to gain notoriety and virality in the media. To do Real Time Marketing you have to be fast. A good publication in real time can generate a great repercussion. The media and remain in the minds of users much longer than any other type of action .

This Is Also Real Time Marketing

In addition, real-time marketing allows us to put our consumer and the things they are interested in at the center of our communication to create emotional bonds. Real time marketing analyzes all kinds of available data about our consumers to find the perfect moment and way to reach them. It is estimated that we are exposed to more than 3,000 daily impacts from brands. In this sense we can talk about 2 main characteristics of Real Time Marketing : immediacy Creativity It is also important that the content of these actions is interesting and consistent with our brand.

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In other words, it is not useful to be associated with a trending topic. If it is not relevant to our users. If the strategy is executed correctly, 3 effects can be achieved in our audience. Make us think It gives us an emotion Drive the audience to take action (CTA). On some occasions we can predict that a certain event will become a relevant fact. For this we can prepare attractive content to offer our users. This is also Real Time Marketing. But we will have the advantage of being able to prepare it ahead of time. If you’re ready for a digital strategy that captures events in time to attract more customers, click here.

Examples of Real Time Marketing

In this type of strategy, the content is usually an image that transmits the message in real. Time in a few seconds. Although the featured element is the image. A personalized hashtag, attaching a micro-video, enhancing the logo or including quality text also determines the final impact. The Classic #TheDress: An example that is already a classic. the case of a user who asked what color a dress looked like and who went viral for changing blue/black or. White/gold depending on the position and the light that the design receive.

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