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Thought about being in the people’s liberation army. I thought about being a police officer, i even thought. About the kfc recruitment job, 23 were Lebanon Phone Number accepted, but i was not accepted. When the police, 5 people went, 4 people were admitted, i was not admitted. So it is good to have a dream, but what is the ideal? An ideal is a group of people who work together to firm up one thing, and have plans, practices, and Lebanon Phone Number actions to turn it into reality little by little. When alibaba started, it was not a simple dream, let alone an illusion. Today i see a lot of people have a lot of fantasies. What are fantasies every day? Unrealistic, inaction, always feeling that others are wrong.

So I Feel That Lebanon Phone Number

If i go through, we have a group of people, a dozen people. 18 people at home, we all firmly believe in common. Saying that we promise to go together. We were 500,000 rmb at that time. If we failed and couldn’t find the money, 18 of us would go Lebanon Phone Number to work together. I think we still have a chance. So everyone can tell if you have a dream. Whether you are sticking to it or not. If you have an ideal, you are not a group of people to do it together. If a person is actually very tired. Entrepreneurship is not your business, it is a group of people’s Lebanon Phone Number business. So i am very lucky today. In the first four years, i started a business.

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Half to three years from the chinese yellow Lebanon Phone Number pages. And i worked as a temporary worker in the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation for 13 months. All of them failed. No one saw these failures. From alibaba to now, we have been doing it for 15 years, we are lucky, we have succeeded. But most people are Lebanon Phone Number successful. There are many reasons for success, and the reasons for failure are similar. I want to share with you that if you are going to start a business, spend more time thinking about why others fail, not why others succeed. There are many successes.

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