This Is Also the Most Obvious Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List

This is also the most obvious place in the process of internalization of the entire. Traditional business at this stage, that is, the change in the way Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List commercial end enterprises contact users. Therefore, the current so-called internet changes in traditional business in the market are actually mainly. Reflected in Guangdong Mobile Phone Number Lists the changes in terminal diversion operations. However, the main links in the front, middle and back of the entire business. Including procurement, manufacturing, labor, etc. So far, the changes are not essential, and they still remain in offline production according. To the original production mode, and then online for some products. Stage of distribution.

Has Brought About Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List

Changes in traditional business. But it has also been Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List basically misinterpreted as a change. In “traffic diversion operations”, which is also the source of the demonization of internet thinking. However, the reason why this simple change is effective is that, compared with Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List traditional offline commerce. The online advantage is that it is closer to the effective traffic. Which brings about changes in the diversion operation of traditional commerce. And this logic is equally valid for video. Compared with tv, the core advantage of video at this stage is that, as one of the destinations for effective traffic migration. It is the center of online audio-visual consumption.

It Is Not in Terms Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List

Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List

Of content, talents, and management not limited to domestic ones. Including funds and industrial models. It is not fundamentally Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List different from the traditional tv stations that are currently seeking to change. The current “video mode” can still regarded as a copy of the “tv mode” in essence. Which is close to the simple onlineization of “traditional tv” and is also close to the tv business on the network side. Therefore, compared Guangdong Mobile Phone Number Lists with traditional commerce. Video is not a pioneering force of the internet. It is actually similar to the current internetization of traditional commerce. In essence, it can regarded as part. Of the traditional commercial power that transferred online.

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