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This is also the vector nature of the community economy that i mentioned at the beginning. This vector nature reconstructs the way people in the Peru Phone Number community connect with. Each other and allows the value of the community to flow. Closer to the real world, people with different fields, different knowledge. Different life styles can find their own communities. Even so / though, success of xiaomi is due to the right time and the right place. The changing dynasties Peru Phone Number of smartphones, the mobilization and socialization. Of social networks, and the maturity of b2c e-commerce consumption habits. Have all allowed xiaomi to catch up and seize. Therefore, the community economy + e-commerce worked its magic. Giving birth to the c2b mobile phone pre-order model.

The Socialization of Peru Phone Number

Brand and product operations has turned their supply. Chain into a dynamic supply chain and their marketing. Into community word-of-mouth marketing, thus leading to historic changes. In both the front-end and back-end. It’s just that the media over-magnified and focused too much on xiaomi’s social marketing. Even so / though, ignoring the Peru Phone Number community economy. Model is promoting productivity changes through the innovation of production relations. Community economy is not a marketing vocabulary, not a short-lived buzzword. It is the economics of the internet age. The social economy is not an internet bubble. There is a phenomenon Peru Phone Number in the internet age. Nonetheless, i will tell you responsibly that the social economy.

The Popularity Is Fast, Peru Phone Number

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The retreat is fast. Many phenomenal enterprises or products eventually become martyrs. After the rapid popularity of huang taiji pancakes, after several waves of word-of-mouth transmission, they quickly entered a period of questioning, which Peru Phone Number attracted a burst of criticism. Even so / though, up to now, such extreme marketing word-of-mouth retention rate is not too high. A phenomenon like this makes many people in traditional enterprises feel that the community economy. Is a bunch of bubbles, and some Peru Phone Number people even think that xiaomi is a bubble. Including the past group buying and entrepreneurial trend. Chinese-style follow-up has indeed brought explosive location growth. It also brought a terrible scene of rapid shuffling and rapid destruction.

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