This Is a List of Pretty Much All the Posts (I Think?) I Did in That Period

One of the best link building acquisitions for 2013 was for a client we have in the education space. The tactic we used to acquire the links were via broken link building. We made use of Screaming Frogs “external” links section. We selected 20 authority sites in one specific industry and crawled the pages of these 20 Switzerland WhatsApp Number List sites in search for broken links. From the 20 sites we drew up a list of broken link pages in excel and pulled the “Switzerland WhatsApp Number List who is” details and all social details for the 20 sites . Next step was to send out a series of targeted emails and communication to site owners which we had targeted. Now for outreach we Switzerland WhatsApp Number List make all emails as personal as possible and also we use female team members to do the outreach.

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Personally we have tested the male vs. female outreach to webmasters and it seems time and time again the females come out on top on success rates. The site in question we targeted was due for a re-design, we made contact and said we had located a series of links on the site. The webmaster was thankful for the research Switzerland WhatsApp Number List we had completed and said after the re design is complete they will add a link back to our site. Originally we were thinking it might be 1 link on a “partners” page. Instead when the site when live they linked Switzerland WhatsApp Number List back from their top 14 category level pages Pretty Much All  which all held high authority,

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They only linked out to 1 or 2 other sites which was also great. The home page of the site is Domain Authority 76 and the PR is 7 so the category level pages all held high authority. Additional benefits to this were the traffic this link has sent to our clients site it has been quite significant and also the fact that this is a domain Now we have had higher amounts of links to clients content assets in 2013. The reason I feel this was one of the most acquisitions was because the time spent vs the reward to the domain was so high the time spent on this acquisition was probably under 20 minutes. Some larger link wins we had in 2014 were for content assets we had made, the thing is they can take far higher amounts of time to yield results on content assets,

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