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Think about a thousand ways in the evening. Get up in the morning and walk the same way.” countless people have their own entrepreneurial Thailand Phone Number ideas, but in the end they are just fantasies. Entrepreneurship is not so easy. What you need to do is to change the state of yesterday. Entrepreneurship is very cruel. 95% of entrepreneurs die, and we have never heard of it. 5% of them die while we watch them die. Support, work together, and find Thailand Phone Number a good boss. If you feel like you don’t want to be the boss. So where are the biggest opportunities today? Ma yun thinks it is data. After 10 years and 20 years, the most scarce resource. In the world must be data. Whoever has the ability to make good use of data will surely succeed.

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The successful business model is Thailand Phone Number self-interest, as long as you are good. In the age of data, a successful business model is altruism. Only by making others stronger can you be able to rise yourself. Therefore, enterprises in the dt era must put social responsibility in the first place. Transparency is important. Not that you Thailand Phone Number are willing to take it, but you have to take the responsibility. The trend of the future, any enterprise should take responsibility. Only when the society is good, the bad environment is good. Others are good, will you have the opportunity to become stronger. 8. “business methods, public welfare mentality” to do charity.

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To results and efficiency, but they can Thailand Phone Number only last long if they have the heart of public welfare. If you become a bad person, you can do good things occasionally, but it is very difficult to get them back. Ali has a lot of business for free, but it is still free. Without creating value, free is just suicide. Free is not the best Thailand Phone Number business model, but free can get more. People to participate, and everyone can create value together. Ali is defined as a data company, only doing dt. Help the society process data and give back to the society. 9. From b2c to c2b, users are the core. Let others win, and you will win. For the manufacturing industry, b2c is the past, merchants designed products.

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