They Are Still Effective and an Affordable Mean to Get Good Links

One of our biggest link building successes this year came from badges. “Kenya WhatsApp Number List Top Pet Charities”. We take a brief note of each charity and create a nice badge that these charities can display on their website to show they are . Then, once the post went live, we reached out to all the charities via Twitter and email to let them know they won. Many charities put badges on their websites, giving us some high-quality backlinks. Even those that didn’t link back generally retweeted us, Kenya WhatsApp Number List resulting in a ton of social media They Still Effective traffic. We actually used the same tactic last year, for the “Top 25 Pet Charities” and this year we upgraded.

Would Have Paid if They Have Paid for They Still Effective Similar Links

Google for “pet charities”, which is great. We also repeated the tactic with a “Top 25 Pet Blogs” feature, with similar results. We had a very successful year in working with larger sites with placements everywhere from CNET and Kenya WhatsApp Number List Business Insider to UK national papers and back again but one that certainly stands out was as a result of a survey we ran for a UK car insurance brand. Out of that survey came some really provocative (and PRable) data around the use of apps while driving. The team put together a series of exclusives to ‘sell in’ and as a result we Kenya WhatsApp Number List managed placements on everywhere from The Telegraph to MSN Cars and back again, as well as several automotive press magazines and websites.

Kenya WhatsApp Number List

The campaign only got really interesting, however, when radio got involved and thanks to a series of stories across a group of 6 regional stations here in the UK the story really took off. As a result the page attracted almost 100 referring domains from very good sites in a really short period. Unsurprisingly radio is now a major part of our major campaigns Last year has been quite interesting from a link building perspective for me. Since the topic is so important to many people, it was simple to get a wide reach on social networks, but I decided to invest a few euros to promote a post on facebook to get more people seeing it and re-sharing and this led to a nice number of social interactions, that I judge an important confirmation layer for links.

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