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There were more than 1,250 incubators in the united states. But the population of the united states is only 3 there are more than 100 million Argentina Phone Number people. Compared with the population of 1.3 billion in china, china should theoretically have 6000-9000 incubators. From the current point of view. The total number of incubators in china is still far from enough. In the early-stage investment market, whether it is the total Argentina Phone Number amount. Of investment, the number of investments, or the number of incubators, there is still a big gap between china and silicon valley in the united states. And china’s demographic dividend has not been fully tapped, so in the future china’s. Early-stage investment market the space is still very large.

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Services enter diversification the united Argentina Phone Number states has gradually diversified. Its services for early-stage investment. Taking infrastructure as an example, the professional services. Provided by incubators in the united states. To start-up companies will include mentoring, mentoring, and practical training Argentina Phone Number in technology, business and financing. For new entrepreneurs to help them understand ideas, product launches, etc. Incubators typically offer startups small sums of money. In exchange for a fraction of their stake. However, most of the incubators in china. Only provide venues or part of the financial support. There is also a start-up company in the united states: secondmarket. Which was founded in 2004, mainly for trading the illiquid securities of some listed companies.

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Training services for entrepreneurs, but the Argentina Phone Number services generally. Provided are relatively focused and single; compared with the professional and comprehensive entrepreneurial services. In the united states, there are still comparisons big gap. In terms of model innovation, angel list in the united states. Launched the syndicates service Argentina Phone Number in 2013, allowing ordinary investors to raise funds and obtain income sharing, and further mobilize. Idle social resources, so that those. Who do not have much money but have more resources of investors have the opportunity. To play the role of vc and contribute to the entire startup market.

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