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Differences between the Performance tab and the Earnings tab; As Amnon (one of the founders of Adngin) explained to me, Google doesn’t accept every click you generate. Sometimes I get up to 100% more clicks on the Performance tab! However, it is useful to know how many of your clicks are being devalued and can help with optimization. (I hope Google isn’t charging their customers for these clicks… :)) The performance tab also shows the results of your experiments and which version of a test is performing best. Experiments? Yes, that’s where the real magic of Adngins lies: let’s go to the Experiments tab! Adngin allows you to compare data pulled directly from Google.

Adsense with what it measured itself Adngin allows you to compare data pulled directly from Google Adsense with what it measured itself You will first need to define the pages, which means the subtypes of pages on your site. This is done through regular expressions (regex) which are a way of identifying sets of URLs (if you don’t get what I’m saying, Amnon will help you during his personal demo). After defining your pages, you can set up “Experiments” on these pages: These are sets of ads that you place inside a live preview! The editor is easy to use, although it could use some additional explanatory text here and there. You can select different sizes for your placements, type of ads, etc.

You Can Also Create Variants

For each location within an experiment, which is an essential feature! With this, you can see if a text ad or an image ad works better for a particular placement, or what is the best format for a text ad. What happens when you put your experiments live is this: Adngin will automatically assess which Hong Kong whatsapp number list  ad version is performing best AND if you have multiple top-level experiments for a page, which one is delivering the best results. It will then automatically select the best version and display it more often. However, it won’t completely stop displaying the “bad” version.

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So if something changes and the other version is now better than the first, the system should see this sooner or later and start showing the other version. Once it’s working, it’s working fine. Adngin offers a kind of AB testing experience that you wish you had with every tool that employs testing at its core! Learn how to drive more traffic to your blog from social media with “The Social Traffic Code”. traffic code Last words While this may seem complicated, it is not. Sure, Adngin is a startup, and there are a few quirks here and there, but overall the system is pretty intuitive! Sure, there should be a better alternative to Regex for defining pages, especially since a WordPress plugin is already installed (for example, it should be possible to submit pages in categories).

Some Settings In The Settings

Area could have been explained better. And so. But the real achievement of Adngin is that it offers an. Adsense experience that is essential for everyone who publishes Adsense ads, and that Google itself cannot offer. Before I forget: The best part about Adngin may be that it’s free for sites with less than. 300,000 visits per month! So if you are planning to run Adsense ads. Or are already running them on your blog, give Adngin a try! Why and how to build an audience, long before you get a product Published: 2016-01-10 Over and over again, I hear from entrepreneurs and founders “we don’t need marketing yet, we’re still working on our product.”

And then when they get closer to launch or are trying to find their way to growth. What they sorely lack is an audience, which they didn’t manage. To build long before launch. Here are some ideas for you to build an audience. Before you have your product, or if you don’t have any product at all. #blogging tips #social media tips #audience building #digital marketing #online business. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding social media that I still come across over and over. Again is the belief that social media success can be change. At the push of a button and comes within days (or weeks). People still think of turning to social media marketing and the results that come with.  It as a decision and not a long-term process and commitment.

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