The Zero Moment of Truth the way of selling

The digital age is changing how business is done,Without realizing it, today we have consumers with greater knowledge and who arrive at the point of sale with decisions made or at least very directed. It is up to us to participate in the Zero Moment of Truth. Index of contents A new way to shop What is the Zero Moment of Truth? Tips to help you Social media: Content marketing: Technological tools: Conclution. A new way to shop You will be surprised to learn that in most cases, the prospects who are looking for you have made the decision to buy long before coming to your company. The economy has changed, and with it the purchasing processes of our customers. The consumer who arrived without any knowledge to make a purchase that he considers relevant has been left behind.

Today, consumers are informed, ask questions, check social networks, watch digital videos, rankings and recommendations before visiting you. In other words, the point of sale participates less and less in the purchase decision. And the conversion of a Singapore Phone Number or lead to a client happens from the comfort of your chair. While you review our website, or the comments that other users make of our service on social media . This entire process is known as the Zero Moment of Truth. Previously, we knew it as the First Moment of Truth. This is the point at which customers had their first contact with the company, whether through a visit, a call or an email. That “first impression” that makes any person generate an idea of ​​the other and that generates or not, the empathy to advance in a purchase process.

But It Is Clear That, in the Digital Age

Things have changed. Now we must prepare ourselves to make a good impression on our customers, even before they come into direct contact with us. What is the Zero Moment of Truth? The Zero Moment of Truth is the point where customers identify that they have a concern or problem and start asking for referrals about it. These can be requeste by talking to a friend. Or, as is the case in most current cases, using search engines using keywords, checking social networks, comments, reviews and surveys. Zero Moment of Truth It is important that you prepare your company for this point! Tips to help you Social media: In this digital age, you have to be present on the internet. Generate your company’s website and seek to be present in the main social networks use your customers.

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Follow this link to continue learning about digital and social media strategies. Use tools that allow you to position yourself when a client seeks your services. Carry out keyword campaigns in the different search engines and social networks. This allows you to have a better place when a consumer searches for your services. Work on digital strategies to position your company. Make yourself considered a reference in the market due to the support you give to your clients by educating them or generating useful digital material. Check social networks and respond to comments made by customers of your services (Social Listening). The worst reference is a complaint never address.

Zero Moment of Truth Content Marketing

Generate content that’s right for the customers you care about and make sure it’s available when and where they’re looking for it. Visit the Content Marketing section of our blog to learn more about how to create the perfect content for your client. Make sure your content uses the language in which a consumer would search for you. If you generate too technical and specialized content, only consumers who handle these terms will be able to find you. Think about adapting your language to that of your clientele and having content for the different stages of purchase that your customer may have. Adapt your content in various ways. In order found and consider attractive different types of customers. Use business simulators, images, infographics, digital videos, customer testimonials, industry statistics, product specifications, demos.

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